Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore

Aesthetic treatment is a non-surgical treatment that brings skin back to the looks of its youth. Popular among women, this is a good first step towards a wider range of medical aesthetic services. In addition, it has attracted a large following of patients who may never have thought about plastic surgery, but are still very pleased with the spicy and short term beauty treatment.

People feel good about looking good. Apart from dressing well, and smelling nice, no other thing boosts confidence quite like having a pleasing facial appearance. The glamour surrounding celebrities in Singapore is all about their lifestyle but most especially their beauty and freshness. It comes as no surprise that they spend on aesthetics clinics in Singapore for treatments and to get aesthetics medicines to try and delay the ageing process.

“Beauty is truth’s smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

Aesthetic clinics are in no short supply in Singapore. In fact, there are quite a number of them that have been in operation for quite some time now and they are gaining huge recognition and demand owing to the fact that they produce results in a short time. As a country that keeps all things beauty at heart, its no surprise that Singapore sits well among the fastest growing countries when it comes to offering a profitable market up to the newest players in the global facial aesthetics market. The Asia Pacific countries are not particularly slowing down as they have been upping their game in recent times, this is in no small feat thanks to the exponentially growing demand for aesthetically pleasing facial results. Countries like Singapore, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, and China are the pick of the bunch, who are really giving other frontrunners a run for their money.

Their mode of operation is more or less the same as the other medical clinics in Singapore. The only difference that sets them apart is the fact that they are working in tandem with top of the line dermatologists and skin care specialists who have a huge wealth of experience when it comes to the idea of making people look their best.

Many have resorted to working out to get that killer body they have always wanted to complement their facial looks that might still be a work in progress with. But the very elite and those that really know what they are looking for and can afford to get it, go after the aesthetic treatments that can transform their body without the fearing the consequence of scars that might occur as a result of complications.

The various aesthetic clinics in Singapore are world-class facilities, even though some of them offer their focus to the more budgeted clients who want a beautiful face that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The top end portion of the market catering to the elite are getting value for their money with the quality of treatments offered.

All in all, the fact that aesthetic clinics in Singapore are now the second most common type of medical practice in Singapore goes to show that the sector is booming. Needless to say, the people of this little island nation fancy their looks as much as they cherish the education they provide to their kids.

Common scalp problems and treatments in Singapore  

Singapore is a busy and popular metropolis. People here are very self-aware and keen on adopting new makeover trends that includes the environment they live in and themselves. Singapore has been an active participant in the Miss World pageant since 1972, with a winner taking home the trophy finally in 2018. Miss Vanessa Peh has been since hailed an icon by the Singaporeans and looked up to for fitness and beauty motivation. In the modern times people are more self-aware of their individuality and body with everyone aiming to better how they look. While makeup makes a person look more attractive it also has an underlying major effect of boosting self-confidence as well.

The cosmetic market in Singapore has evolved dramatically over the last decade, trying to keep up with the persistent demand of the people. Many top brands have opened their diverse franchise in the country and more investments by the cosmetic industry are being made every day. The hair and skin care industry is particularly on the rise in Singapore owing to the fact that people now tend to care more for them. It’s not just popular with the women but the men are equally fascinated, since they get receding hairlines and thinning out much more often and early in life. One of the common scalp problems faced by many is the eczema or common dermatitis, where the scalp becomes itchy, scaly, and flaky and in worse cases, inflamed. However, today these problems can be easily cured thanks to the advancements and innovations in scalp treatments in Singapore.

The Problems

The most common scalp problem that most people face is the dryness of scalp that creates lots of irritability. But many products are available in the market today that have good moisturizing properties. For some cases that are not that severe, there are some over the counter home remedies that also work wonders. The most famous of these is the use of coconut oil and aloe vera. Coconut oil naturally has anti-fungal and anti-dryness properties that are absolutely safe to use and is almost always a key ingredient in all the moisturizing cosmetics out there.

Today most men face an undesired early age hair loss problem. Hair is a paramount of beauty and youth in humans, the loss of which creates a low self-esteem and lack of confidence. The latter has been scientifically proven as well.

The Solutions

Thanks to the progress in the cosmetic industry, many treatments have come forth that help people overcome this. Laser treatments, over the counter drugs, some natural massaging oils have helped people. Though some advanced treatments are not easily affordable by the majority, but for them there are other medications that are less expensive and promise results.

In Singapore, there are many good cosmetic companies and hair salons that offer diverse scalp treatments to their patients. There is a million-dollar revenue each year that is made by these cosmetic giants creating happy customers and promising a healthy and full hair line.

Popular Hair Salons in Singapore

It no longer a surprise that people in Singapore take how they look seriously. And to be honest with you, you do not have to be a superstar or celebrity to care about how you look. If you looking to get a makeover and you are unsure as to where to go for the best look with top quality services, charming and hospitable staffs, and an overall great experience? Then you have come to the right guide. This guide will take you through some of the very best hair salons in Singapore.

Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Provider of the best Korean style consistency in Singapore. You may be have wanted to look as elegant as one of your favorite Korean movie star, then this is the salon for you. And the best part of it is that you have access to the best of Korean hairstyle all in the comfort of your Singaporean locality. Advanced hairstylists at Zinc know how to give your hair a glamorous look with natural looking and easy-to-manage permanent colors. All you have to do is curl your hair with your fingers and apply some hair serum. Zinc provides pleasant Korean hairdressing services with a full Korean hairdressing team with three master hairdressers who are at your service to give you a charming look.

Hair Salon Covo

A place where experienced Japanese hairdressers can satisfy you with various amazing hairstyles. Covo hairdressers will help give you a hairstyle for an elegant look, sexuality, cuteness, innocence, or any other style – it all depends on you. They are all familiar with the latest Japanese hair trends and have experience in cutting and styling hair for Asian and Caucasian faces. And if you are the type that wants a bit of privacy when having a hair makeover, then this is where you will want to be. Maybe you only want two people – your stylist and yourself, then this can be arranged as well.

Toni and Guy Hairdressing at Mandarin Gallery

This is a salon with great online hairstyle collection for clients who want to get a look before attending the salon. Ladies, check out the extensive collection of versatile hairstyles by Toni & Guy Hairdressing online before heading to this popular salon. Be inspired by the collection of Toni & Guy with the best hairstyles of the last five years and find the right fashion for yourself. Toni and Guy have an inexhaustible array of several hairstyles to make you look legendary.

What sets Toni and Guy out is that its a safe choice for Western faces. As a white woman living in Singapore, finding a hairdressing salon that best suits your style can be a tough task. Most local salons may not be at home in your style. Toni & Guy takes care of all that with reliable service having had its originality from England and is well familiar with popular English styles.

Be Salon

Be Salon is known for her individualistic approach to their customer’s hair treatment. They are of the belief that every hair is different. When it comes to hair, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment, and Be Salon is aware of it. In this way, Be Salon experts can tailor everything to your hair’s needs and personal lifestyle.

They also offer free expert advice as regards the best practice you can engage for glowing hair. Do you have doubts about a haircut and would you like to talk to someone before you make the decision? Be Salon offers a free consultation to answer questions and help you make your decision

Salon Vim

Salon Vim is for you if you are the type that likes to dye or color your hair. If you’re looking for a reliable salon to color your hair perfectly, visit Salon Vim. The experienced hairdressers will patiently respond to your requests and magically renew you with the most satisfying hairstyle. No matter what color, color or style you want, Salon Vim knows how to give you the best outlook.

Coupled with their Mythical hair treatments service, you are bound to experience an overall quality hair treatment at Vim with powerful Mythic oil to intensively nourish and protect hair color. This method promises a balanced state of healthy hair.