Common scalp problems and treatments in Singapore  

Singapore is a busy and popular metropolis. People here are very self-aware and keen on adopting new makeover trends that includes the environment they live in and themselves. Singapore has been an active participant in the Miss World pageant since 1972, with a winner taking home the trophy finally in 2018. Miss Vanessa Peh has been since hailed an icon by the Singaporeans and looked up to for fitness and beauty motivation. In the modern times people are more self-aware of their individuality and body with everyone aiming to better how they look. While makeup makes a person look more attractive it also has an underlying major effect of boosting self-confidence as well.

The cosmetic market in Singapore has evolved dramatically over the last decade, trying to keep up with the persistent demand of the people. Many top brands have opened their diverse franchise in the country and more investments by the cosmetic industry are being made every day. The hair and skin care industry is particularly on the rise in Singapore owing to the fact that people now tend to care more for them. It’s not just popular with the women but the men are equally fascinated, since they get receding hairlines and thinning out much more often and early in life. One of the common scalp problems faced by many is the eczema or common dermatitis, where the scalp becomes itchy, scaly, and flaky and in worse cases, inflamed. However, today these problems can be easily cured thanks to the advancements and innovations in scalp treatments in Singapore.

The Problems

The most common scalp problem that most people face is the dryness of scalp that creates lots of irritability. But many products are available in the market today that have good moisturizing properties. For some cases that are not that severe, there are some over the counter home remedies that also work wonders. The most famous of these is the use of coconut oil and aloe vera. Coconut oil naturally has anti-fungal and anti-dryness properties that are absolutely safe to use and is almost always a key ingredient in all the moisturizing cosmetics out there.

Today most men face an undesired early age hair loss problem. Hair is a paramount of beauty and youth in humans, the loss of which creates a low self-esteem and lack of confidence. The latter has been scientifically proven as well.

The Solutions

Thanks to the progress in the cosmetic industry, many treatments have come forth that help people overcome this. Laser treatments, over the counter drugs, some natural massaging oils have helped people. Though some advanced treatments are not easily affordable by the majority, but for them there are other medications that are less expensive and promise results.

In Singapore, there are many good cosmetic companies and hair salons that offer diverse scalp treatments to their patients. There is a million-dollar revenue each year that is made by these cosmetic giants creating happy customers and promising a healthy and full hair line.